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SC Super Remover acts as a sweeper and removes all kind of unwanted files
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Often it happens that when users install some software, some unwanted files are created. The problem with these files is that they take some space in users’ system. Some of these files also hamper the performance of their system. SC Super Remover is a perfect solution to such kind of problems. SC Super Remover acts as a sweeper and removes all such kind of unwanted files. Thereby, SC Super Remover is used to clear and clean-up users’ system. Some of the files that are left in registry are cleaned using SC Super Remover. Few types of software tend to irritate user by popping up screen of that software at every start of their system. This irritating problem can be solved using SC Super Remover. Various temporary files are created while working with data various programs in PC which can be deleted by SC Super Remover. Privacy of user is invaded by maintenance of history, typed URL address and searched items in searched engines by internet browsers. This privacy can be maintained with the help of SC Super Remover. Most importantly, SC Super Remover provides user an easy to navigate type of interface to work with.

Manoj Goel
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  • Removes unwanted files
  • Cleans cookies and history of internet browsers
  • Freely available software
  • User-friendly interface


  • Requires some system guards to be installed
  • Few problems encountered while clearing browser related files
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